Greetings, we take great care in the design, specifications, and quality of our skin care products made with nature's ingredients. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important investments that you can make during your lifetime. Let Phoenicia help you make that investment; so relax, take your time, browse, and visit us often. We produce some of the best Shea Butter products on the East Coast!

Shea butter moisturizer Anti-age moisturizer
Lavender Lace Butter
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Is your moisturizer damaging your liver?

Your liver is one of the most important organs of your body.  It is the engine that makes your body run smoothly. It removes the toxins, waste and drugs from your blood.

Did you know that what you apply to your skin is absorbed through your pores and into your bloodstream?  Those moisturizers and lotions that contain harmful chemicals are flowing through your bloodstream. Once there your liver has to process them. One of the liver’s functions is to take the toxic substances and breaks it down into harmless substances.

So we should be mindful of what we use on our skin and try not to damage our livers or make it work so hard by removing unnecessary toxins. Harmful chemicals are for shelf life, not your life.

Did you know that the American Liver Foundation’s statistics indicate that there are about one hundred different types of liver disease, and 60% of the 26,000 deaths each year are not caused by cirrhosis of the liver linked to alcohol abuse.

Let’s take care of our bodies and one way to do that is to be careful of our moisturizers and facial products. Read the labels. That’s it. Take care of you.

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Have you ever asked what is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is nature's marvelous emollient that comes from the Karite tree predominately located in West Africa. It is traditionally the women in the villages that harvest, extract and process the Shea butter. The result is a naturally derived butter that contains vitamin A, E, F, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Vitamin A is effective in keeping the skin moist, E aids the healing process and F provides elasticity and luster. Shea butter has an exceptionally large healing component which contains important nutrients, vitamins and other valuable phytonutrients. It can have healing components as high as 17%. It is an excellent massage balm, skin softener, skin smoother, and a natural sunscreen (between 6-7 SPF).

The benefits of Shea butter:

fades scars, blemishes, evens skin tone
heals sunburn and cracked peeling skin,
soothes skin allergies i.e., poison ivy, insect bites, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis,
restores elasticity, reduces wrinkles
heals cuts,
minimizes stretch marks,
soothes razor bumps and rashes
easily absorbed and non-greasy

Use all of our products sparingly as they are very rich and concentrated. A small amount does a large area of skin. Our body and facial butters are affected by the weather, therefore, keep the body butters in a cool place and the lids tightly closed. If your butter happens to melt from the weather and it re-congeals with a crystallized texture, just melt the butter and let it solidify evenly. There are no preservatives or chemicals in any of our butters. They are Shea butter with excellent carrier oils and essential oils added that result in smooth, soft, supple, and scented skin.

Our souffles are Shea butter based with carefully selected carrier and essential oils based upon their skin conditioning properties and scent. The souffles are temperature resistant and easily absorbed into the skin and the results are long lasting. Our souffles and butters are designed for dry and combination skin. Because our products are handmade and our ingredients derived from nature there are slight differences in each jar, without effecting our high quality. Most of our souffles are minimally preserved with grapefruit seed extract, therefore, we advise use within 12 months of opening. Enjoy our unique scents and nature's marvel. That's it.